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Jay's & Webber

Wildlife & Education Center

The Webber Museum is a dynamic hub located in Clare, Michigan, dedicated to wildlife education and conservation. Founded by Wayne Webber, it serves as a beacon for promoting environmental stewardship and preserving hunting's rich outdoor heritage. Through immersive exhibits, educational programs, and community engagement, the museum inspires visitors of all ages to appreciate and protect the natural world for generations to come.


Serving as a vital platform for promoting environmental awareness and fostering a culture of conservation. The Webber Museum and conservation are deeply interconnected, with the museum serving as a catalyst for raising awareness, inspiring action, and promoting a culture of conservation within the community and beyond.

Room Rental

The museum at the Wildlife Center offers a unique opportunity to host your event in a setting surrounded by the beauty of nature and the spirit of conservation. Whether you're planning a corporate meeting, workshop, seminar, or special event, our conference room provides a versatile and inspiring space equipped with modern amenities to accommodate your needs. 
Welcome to the Jay's & Webber Wildlife and Education Center, honoring the legacies of the late Jay Poet and Wayne Webber, both avid outdoorsmen. Jay, hailing from Clare, Michigan, turned his hobby into a thriving business, while Wayne, from Thompsonville, Michigan, leveraged his successful business to nurture his passion for hunting and wildlife conservation. Both individuals shared a deep commitment to environmental stewardship and community empowerment, leaving behind enduring legacies that continue to inspire at our center.
In 2020, Wayne visited Jay's Sporting Goods, where he crossed paths with Jeff Poet. As the story of Jay's unfolded, Wayne discovered a shared passion for outdoor pursuits and a deep appreciation for the legacy of the Sporting Goods Store. This encounter sparked an idea within Wayne—to relocate his museum to a more central location, reaching a wider audience. Clare emerged as the ideal destination for this endeavor. After negotiations, a partnership was formed, and over the course of two years, plans were set in motion to develop the museum in Clare.

Tragically, Wayne passed away in 2021, leaving behind an unfinished dream. However, his legacy lives on through the completion of the building in 2024. Today, the Wayne and Joan Webber Foundation stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to philanthropy. The foundation continues to extend its support to hospitals, schools, food pantries, homeless shelters, churches, and various community initiatives. Through their generosity, Wayne and Joan's legacy of empowering others and fostering community development perseveres, enriching the lives of countless individuals and leaving an indelible mark on their communities.